The PLAYground is a free resource to anyone who would like to use it! Originally designed as a virtual summer camp for students at Metro Deaf School in Minnesota, we have expanded our resources to accommodate needs in multiple languages so it can be used far and wide: English, American Sign Language (ASL), Spanish, and Arabic. Content spans 8 weeks of fun: Getting Started, Nature & Outdoors, Coding & Tech, LEGO, Science & Engineering, OK Go Sandbox, Games & Magic, and Celebrations!

Weekly Lessons

Week 1: Getting Started
Week 2: Nature & Outdoors
Week 3: Coding & Tech
Week 4: LEGO
Week 5: Science & Engineering
Week 6: OK Go Sandbox
Week 7: Games & Magic
Week 8: Celebrations

ASL Signs

This video demonstrates helpful ASL Signs for video calls presented by Metro Deaf School in collaboration with the Playful Learning Lab at the University of St. Thomas.